19th October 10:36pm (GMT-5)

Tromso - Grorud 25.09.2020


3 - 1


1st Half
13' goal Ingebrigtsen, Mikael Noro
28' goal Kitolano, Eric

34' goal Drammeh, Omar Bully
2nd Half
53' goal Antonsen, Kent Are

70' substitution Pedersen, Steffen / Berntsen, Daniel

75'   Jenssen, Ruben
83' substitution Wangberg, Simen / Gundersen, Jostein

90' substitution Jama, Mohammed / Ingebrigtsen, Mikael Noro
90' substitution Hafstad, Tobias / Antonsen, Kent Are

90'   Hafstad, Tobias

59' substitution Dahlby, Magnus Lankhof / Hristov, Nikolai Jakobsen

73' substitution Agouda, Abdul Basit / Drammeh, Omar Bully
73' substitution Hauge, Runar / Ness, Fabian Ostigard
73' substitution Ahmed, Faysal Mohamed / Zafeiris, Christos

83' substitution Meyer, Geirald / Murray, Trace Akino

90'   Dahlby, Magnus Lankhof

Match details
3 Score 1
68 Attacks 45
55 Ball possession 45
8 Corner kicks 6
38 Dangerous Attacks 21
7 Shots off goal 4
8 Shots on goal 2
4 Substitutions 5
2 Yellow cards 1
icon Match started
icon 13` Goal 1 — 0
Ingebrigtsen, Mikael Noro Mikael Noro Ingebrigtsen is on target to give Tromsoe IL a 1-0 advantage..
icon 28` Goal 2 — 0
Kitolano, Eric Great finish from Eric Kitolano to give Tromsoe IL a 2-0 lead..
34` Goal 2 — 1 icon
Drammeh, Omar Bully Goal! The away team reduce the deficit to 2-1 through a strike by Omar Bully Drammeh. ..
icon 2nd half
icon 53` Goal 3 — 1
Antonsen, Kent Are Kent Are Antonsen puts the ball in the net and the home team extend their lead. The score-line now reads 3-1..
59` Substitution icon
Eirik Kjono is making the team's first substitution at Alfheim with Magnus Lankhof Dahlby replacing Nikolai Jakobsen Hristov..
icon 70` Substitution
Steffen Pedersen is replacing Daniel Berntsen for Tromsoe IL at Alfheim..
73` Substitution icon
Runar Hauge is replacing Fabian Ostigard Ness for the away team..
73` Substitution icon
Eirik Kjono (Grorud IL) is making a third substitution, with Abdul Basit Agouda replacing Omar Bully Drammeh..
73` Substitution icon
Faysal Mohamed Ahmed is on a sub for Christos Zafeiris for Grorud IL..
icon 75` Yellow card
Jenssen, Ruben Ruben Jenssen (Tromsoe IL) has received a yellow card from Steinar Hauge..
icon 83` Substitution
The home team replace Jostein Gundersen with Simen Wangberg..
83` Substitution icon
The away team have replaced Trace Akino Murray with Geirald Meyer. This is the fifth substitution made today by Eirik Kjono..
icon 90` Substitution
Tromsoe IL make their third substitution with Mohammed Jama replacing Mikael Noro Ingebrigtsen..
icon 90` Substitution
Tromsoe IL make their fourth substitution with Tobias Hafstad replacing Kent Are Antonsen..
90` Yellow card icon
Dahlby, Magnus Lankhof Magnus Lankhof Dahlby for Grorud IL has been booked by Steinar Hauge and receives a first yellow card..
icon 90` Yellow card
Hafstad, Tobias At Alfheim, Tobias Hafstad has been yellow-carded for the home team..

The match between Tromso and the team of Grorud is held as part of the competition of 1st Division at the Alfheim arena.
Time of the match: 25.09.2020 12:00
The referee of this game is Hauge, Steinar

Summary of previous confrontations between the team of Tromso and the team of Grorud:
The match of Grorud and Tromso on 14.08.2020 ended with the score of 2:0.

Statistics of the teams:
Team: Tromso
Country: Norway
Coach: Valakari, Simo

Team: Grorud
Country: Norway

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